The Definition of a Mobile Website and Why You Need One

Today we begin a series of articles on the importance of having a mobile friendly website.


As a business owner, you’ve probably heard by now that you need a mobile-optimized website, but are not sure why. The goal of this report is to help you get a better understanding about why a mobile-friendly website can be one of the most important business decisions you could ever make.


Traditional websites are built for viewing on computers and laptops, which have large screens and high processing power. However, many consumers today are using their mobile devices to search the web.

Mobile devices have less processing power and smaller screens; therefore, traditional websites load extremely slow and are difficult to navigate for mobile users. This has created a huge dilemma for many businesses that still do not have mobile-optimized websites.


Local consumers who are using smartphones and tablets to access your website are probably met with a lot of frustration and end up leaving within seconds.


This means that you are potentially missing out on a lot of business because visitors are going to your mobile-friendly competitors instead. In today’s tough economy, this is the last thing your company needs.


What is a Mobile Website?


A mobile website is basically a condensed version of your regular website that is built specifically to make mobile viewing faster and easier for mobile consumers.


Instead of complex designs and heavy graphics, mobile websites are designed to provide only the relevant information that on-the-go mobile users would be looking for.


Mobile internet usage is currently the fastest growing form of digital online space; in fact, many studies predict that mobile internet usage will soon exceed desktop and laptop internet usage.


Consumers will rely more on mobile access to perform web searches, access websites, and contact local businesses that have the products and services they need.


This is a clear indication that having a mobile version of your company website is no longer an option, but a must. Whether smartphone users are using an iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, or any other mobile platform, having a mobile website will ensure that they can quickly and easily get the information they need.


For more ideas and information on mobile websites go here.

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